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More banks feeling pressure from bad loans
By Wendell Cochran
Sept. 16, 2009

The tide of bad loans and foreclosed properties just keeps rising at the nation’s banks and credit unions, according to an analysis of the most recent federal banking records conducted by the Investigative Reporting Workshop.

At the end of June, troubled assets at the nation’s 8204 banks insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. totaled more than $323 billion, up from $237 billion six months ago and just $170 billion a year ago.
[Freie Übersetzung: Die 8204 Banken, deren Einlagen bei der Federal Deposit Insurance versichert sind, wiesen Ende Juni [2009] Problemkredite und requirierte Immobilien (troubled assets) von mehr als US $ 323 Mrd. aus, verglichen mit 237 Milliarden Dollar vor einem halben Jahr und nur 170 Milliarden Dollar vor einem Jahr.]

The much smaller credit union sector also has seen large increases in bad loans and foreclosed properties. A year ago, credit unions had about $6.2 billion in troubled assets. At the end of June 2009, that had risen to nearly $10.5 billion.
In the Workshop analysis, troubled assets at banks include loans more than 90 days past due, loans on which banks are no longer claiming interest income (nonaccrual loans) and properties aquired through foreclosure. For credit unions, troubled assets are the combination of loans past due more than 60 days and properties aquired through foreclosure.
And with profits at many banks turning into losses and eating up capital over the past year, the number of institutions with a “troubled asset ratio” of greater than 100 has skyrocketed. In June 2008, only 77 FDIC-insured banks had more troubled assets on their books than they had capital and loan loss reserves. A year later, that figure has climbed to 298. The troubled asset ratio is calculated by dividing total troubled assets by the amount of capital plus loan loss reserves.

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